Company Principles

Our Business is an independent non-profit company that runs 3 areas. The objective of Our Business is to use a broad series of arts chances and experiences to engage our varied neighborhood. Our Business vision: End up being the heart of a dynamic cultural arts neighborhood.
Our Business works as an incubator for the Tri-Valley's lively arts neighborhood supplying a supporting environment for artists, entertainers, and cultural arts companies to develop and grow. Both use offices that cultivate interaction and an abundant exchange of innovative concepts. Each October, Our Business blankets downtown Livermore with displays by artists varying from veteran specialists to emerging craftsmen’s in every medium.

For artists, despite their level, access to the economic area, and the assistance and liberty to check out and broaden their imagination is vital. Our Business offers "a place where art takes place." Rental studios in both centers, along with an area for classes, workshops, practice sessions, display screens, and occasions supply working space for instructors to share their abilities in locations from point of view illustration and watercolor painting, to music lessons and enhance. The big space at Our Business permits carrying out arts groups area for practice sessions and efficiencies. The area to support the arts advantages the neighborhood also, supplying a taste of various art types and a close participation with their production.